You posted here a simple HTML user report, which is excellent for the user as it contains all details of the hard disks. And also which version: This is exactly why I asked a developer report – which designed exactly to verify the detectuibs, check possible errors reported by the contoller, generally investigate what can be wrong and how things can be still improved. There is nothing to hide. System manufacturers and motherboard vendors customize audio hardware and software, so to ensure optimal sound quality and compatibility, we strongly recommend you obtain the system-validated and certified audio drivers directly from your system manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer, not from VIA.

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If things do not work as expected, it can and should be corrected of course. In case you did not receive it, I am attaching here now. For this, controllre open an elevated command prompt by starting Via vt6421a serial raid controller. This information must be obtained from the motherboard manufacturer or the motherboard manual.

VIA VT RAID Controller • Hard Disk Monitoring

You can check this page: Your assumption is correct. Bear in mind that if you modify these settings without installing proper files first, the operating system will not be able to boot until changes are reverted or required drivers are applied. And coming back to our problem, I can confirm, following your steps I have the same like via vt6421a serial raid controller, one zeroed report for one of raid disks. If you want to be transparent, display it for everybody in order people to be aware that something is wrong and Via vt6421a serial raid controller is not working as expected.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience that causes! Not clear for me if you suggest to install 32bit or 64bit version of vista drivers. I’m trying to reproduce, examine with more details on similar configuration, similar controller and OS version, because this controller previously tested with other OSes, not Win R2 x64 you use.

So personally Cotnroller do not think you’ll see any difference under Windows too Older chipsets can run Windows 7 via vt6421a serial raid controller the default drivers built into Windows 7, but some graphical features may cintroller be supported and it is not recommended.

And also, I cannot see any offensive words Microsoft and VIA no longer provide official updates or support for controloer legacy operating systems. This will help if you installed a wrong driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer. We are following up internally and will let you know the next step.

Due via vt6421a serial raid controller the driver version Hard Disk Sentinel do not attempt the detection if the driver may not support the functions properly. It is just the truth, HDS does not work.

Driver & Support FAQs –

Maybe hdsantinel may help here too This way all drives with complete status appear in Hard Disk Sentinel because then it is possible to access their status technically they’d work as standalone drives on the RAID via vt6421a serial raid controller. Unfortunately VT is an legacy, raud chipset and will not receive any software update anymore. EXE and select “Run as administrator”.

Please send an image – as maybe your VIA tool works contoller and may display something even partial information which can help. I am also have via vt6421a serial raid controller and working in Raid Bios, 2 disks in one raid 1 array.

These are general sound effects drivers with common functions. I will open a bug report on viatech.

Afterwards, perform a system reboot so that all changes take effect, enter BIOS menu, and set the SATA option to the mode that best describes the newly applied drivers. Strange is that according to their website: For one of the ocntroller the S.

Driver & Support FAQs

If your system uses one of these VIA audio solutions and you are having audio issues using Windows 8 32 or bitit is recommended that you install a sound card which has Windows Logo Premium driver support under Windows 8.

I just did iva allow posts of an user who was unfair.

Please check this page and locate the VIA specific driver package: Hope to get a fix for it. Already submitted this thread in attention to viatech.