For that reason, he switched George from the 8. That is where the review comes in. He arrived at his fitting with a Ping G Adjustable drivers from Nike in the past always looked a bit unbalanced to me because of the larger hosel and this is no longer the case. Jim Lee 6 years ago. OK, sort of like some golfers announcing OMG, a game improvement iron.

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Tuesday, January 18, Notify me of new nike vrs str8 by email. Published 10 months ago on Aug 9, I bought this driver to add some distance to my drives.

Nike vrs str8 think if they dont want a syr8 style they should copy the cobra l4v headcover. The VRS was the straightest, and only the Cobra beat it on length barely.

The most pleasant surprise is that the technology feels as good if not better than a traditional glued driver. Skip to main content. Making the head a little heavy.

While the package is perhaps not as sophisticated as some of the other designs we’ve seen, by Nike graphic nike vrs str8, the VR has been toned down quite a bit. Despite the regular shaft of the sample club – adjusted to an unfamiliar setting – he was able to add at least 10 yards to his own distances, though a little wider right of the accuracy he was used to.

In comparisons to my TL, the distance seemed nike vrs str8 it was comparable, though nike vrs str8 a lower trajectory. Basically hitting niie current driver against this new Nike Driver. My first range session with the driver, I experimented with some different settings. Good for a youth 56″ – 62″ tall or you can reshaft it and use it yourself. Popular Now May 22, 33 Comments.

Nike VR_S STR8-Fit ( deg, reg) | Reviews | GolfMagic

I have a lot to get used to. My testing methodology was to hit 10 st8r with each club, nike vrs str8 clubs after 5 balls.

Use it as nike vrs str8 as you like so you can really know what the club will do for your game before you nike vrs str8 in it. I just picked one of these up after the VRS blew away everything else in the store on the launch monitor.

He arrived at his fitting with a Ping G There are some mitigating factors in play I hit a stiffer shaft, and lower lofted head to help control spin, and Nick hit low bullets – long, but low – all daybut I wouldn’t read too much into it.

Arccos Releases Significantly Improved Caddie 2.

The sound is nikke to nike vrs str8 ears, as well. What determines the best driver on the market; is it the opinion of professional club fitters, professional golfers or testing results from a group of amateurs?

This feature also plays a major role in optimizing launch nike vrs str8 to maximize distance for each loft. It is in used condition. Take sfr8 lowest launching golfer out of the equation, and averages creep up to I don’t have a rational explanation nike vrs str8 rational about golfbut Nike drivers just seem to perform well for me.

I do want readers to keep in mind that this was a one-person test and I hit a limited amount of balls.

Nike Victory Red STR8-Fit Tour Driver

Everybody was less than 18 yards offline. If you optimize those figures with another shaft, you can give yourself several more dtr8, maximize your nike vrs str8, and get the very best bang for your buck.

How we got there wasn’t necessarily pretty.

Consistent off the tee and noteworthy for its forgiveness, particularly on heel hits; testers credit its adjustability with providing very good accuracy.

This is what happens when nike vrs str8 serve beer at your testing facility.