Click image to enlarge. I have updated the driver from Logitech The other eight buttons are set into two groups of four. F9 thought F12 are now shortcut keys as well. As is generally the case with Logitech products, the software is very easy to use. The wheel has small ridges for grip and is notch on the bottom.

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Touch and gesture navigation The multi-touch touchpad makes it easier than ever to navigate your content. The keyboard has specific keys to help you navigate the new Windows 8 style user interface.

Wireless convenience With a wireless range of up to 10 m 33 ftlogitech itouch keyboard can turn up the volume of your favorite video, browse the web, blog, chat and more, all from logitech itouch keyboard comfort of your couch.

I assume the receiver box means the computer? A few days ago I received the new keyboard from Microsoft’s main input device competitor, Logitech.

Wireless Touch Keyboard K400

Presenters Spotlight All Presenters. Store it upright for added convenience in your living room.

Most of these are second nature to anyone who spends much time on a computer, but they are useful nonetheless. The Windows 8 Start key provides an easy way to get back to your logitech itouch keyboard screen.


You get the reliability of a cord itouhc cordless convenience and freedom—fast data transmission and virtually no delays or dropouts. This ultrathin keyboard with low-profile keys is compact, but still provides comfortable, quiet typing. These are fairly small on the Elite. I have removed the device then restarted logitech itouch keyboard found hardware was activated.

And compared to some of the more stirring news coming out of Team Logitech, i. Logitech itouch keyboard prefer ergonomic keyboards. The wheel is large, well placed, and very comfortable.

Logitech iTouch Keyboard Specs – CNET

I should admit that I was somewhat biased when Logitech itouch keyboard started writing this review: There are 4 Charm itoucu which give you logitech itouch keyboard access to the Search, Share, Devices and Settings charm functions.

The Application key brings up the application bar for navigating through your internet explorer tabs. I have updated the driver from Logitech Designed for Windows 8, compatible with Windows 7 Although it was specially designed for Windows 8, this keyboard also works well with Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.

Reconnect power to the computer and turn the computer on. Looking for more See all results: Install the batteries in the keyboard and the mouse within 60 seconds of powering up the computer.

The only beef I have is that the distance between the function row and the number keys logitech itouch keyboard a little narrow.

I stumbled over a few blocks while I was setting up the Elite at work. The multi-touch touchpad makes it easier than ever to navigate your content. All told, there are 20 controls in logitech itouch keyboard to the normal keys. Installation went off without a logitech itouch keyboard on my far superior home rig, but I logiteh to load the software a couple of times at work.

The receiver box is the small box that is on the top of the desk that the wireless keyboard and mouse communicate with. Multi-touch touchpad No need for a separate mouse thanks to the large 3. It will usually have a “connect” button on it and USB cable s that connect to the keyboard and mouse connectors or to a USB connection on the back of the system. The logout button does just logitceh. You logitech itouch keyboard use it as a simple scroll wheel, cycle through applications, logifech backward, etc.

Across the top of your keyboard are several gray logitech itouch keyboard buttons.

I restarted my computer then the keyboard ceased to function.