Add your answer john will be eternally grateful. If you are ready to wait for a few days, buy it online. I have a IBM T I have tried all different sizes of the Phillips Screwdriver, but upon a closer look, the screw seems to need a screwdriver with a square-ish tip. Apparently it did not like the other slot it was in.

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Thanks, I appreciate it. I am going to get the RAM tomorrow and if it is the right kind i will reply again.

Thanks to your instructions, it took me all of 10 minutes to successfully install the new memory. Tell them you believe repair should be fair, affordable, and accessible.

ThinkPad T41 Specs – CNET

Check out the page This machine does have a slightly backlevel BIOS v1. I have done this procedure at least 10 times in ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 t40s Some of hem worked aswell but some did not function anymore when I plug the jack it flashes de battery led once, and if I push the power button it flashes again but no power comes. I was under the impression that I could install 2 x 1GB on my T40…? Johathan, I bought a Kingston 1GB module, ibn I am having a similar problem as one of the previous posters.

Found ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 following ram available on some site.

How to upgrade memory in IBM ThinkPad T40 T41 T42

The laptop runs much, much snappier. Kudos on the work, Peter.

Tbinkpad 1GB is maximum you can install? I am not sure this hardware is on the list the computer has for me to select. It had 2X MB memory cards when I got it. No additional steps needed.

But it locks up just a few seconds after the OS starts up. To answer the question above, I would contact your closest dealer to see if your computer will accpet new DDR memory or refer to your user manual to see what think;ad specifications areor the lenovo website.

How to upgrade memory in IBM ThinkPad T40 T41 T42 – Inside my laptop

There is a little eject slider next to the cd-rom. Then you can simply pull out the cd-rom. Thank you for an informative site! Thanks for the detailed help! Yes, it could be compatibility issue, but before you buy another module I would try my suggestion.


I just replace memory ram 1gb in the bottom only. Maybe one of the is not connected properly. That fixed it for me. John, I cleaned the fan blades. Lida, What harddrive do you recommend? I changed the memory in my T42 and now am having trouble with my screen going in and out I removed nothing but the keyboard. Will the computer automatically recognize the new memory or are there additional steps once the memory is installed? ThinkVantage Ibm thinkpad t41 type 2373 Migration Assistant v5.

I decided to look in the machine.

IBM ThinkPad T41 2373

ThinkVantage System Update 3. My bios is the up to date. The laptop works no problem if placed on a flat non-moving surface using the touchpad but it will lock up if the trackpoint mouse is used.