So, what I pay for is not what I get! I have already found the next dongle I want to buy, with better support, and one thing is sure, it isn’t BlueSoleil. In addition, voice recognition technology could possibly enable automakers to do away with expensive screens or touch input displays. Please send me driver. Bluetooth usb adapter ES V2.

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What should I do?!


Another interesting twist is that ‘voice biometrics’ can be an effective way to determine who’s driving the vehicle. Can i install bluetooth on my pc desktop? I ‘m f4 for the driver of the bt06 v4 02 bluetooth usb, modelversion 2. I hope you find what you are looking for! It tells me the product is not liscenced.

I request to u plz send me driver. Put simply, Bluetooth is a short-range-radio technical standard for protocols that facilitate communication between wireless devices such as mobile 4v, PDAs personal digital assistants and handheld computers, and wireless computers bt06 v4 02 peripherals.

Hey guys plss help me where can i find the license key from this program: A CD came with this but even after installing the drivers from the CD it is not able to find my devices such as mobile phones and laptops even bt06 v4 02 3 feet distance.

Hi guy i got a bluetooth device, i not sure about it’s manufa. Thanks VERY much bt06 v4 02 you comments and support! Dear Sir Recently i have purchased a bluetooth dongle from a shop. Hi, I vave downloaded this c4 it bg06 password.

I have Hitech Blutooth device. Switch on your Bluetooth-enabled phone and it can quickly be paired up with a Bluetooth-enabled headset.

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Here is a very helpful thread that aptly covers the broadcom bluetooth device problem: Hi Kien – your best 4v is our bluetooth downloads section at http: But i have lost its driver I bought a cheap blue tooth dongle – company name “ENTER” and am not able to use this device in my computer. It seriously harms the user experiences and has a damaging effect on the Bluetooth market.

I know it from my experience. I need bt06 v4 02 for my new Chine Make n95 model mobiles. Assalam-u-Alaikum, Bt06 v4 02 a nice day sir, actually i need webcam driver of netbook m07 on very urgent basis. I want free web cam driver and bluetooth driver where bt06 v4 02 download this drivers. Please Help me in finding them.

Sachin, Mohammad suggest go to www. My bt06 v4 02 dongle ID is bcmdgrom plz help Can somebody help me in providing driver for this device. But I want to use this bt06 v4 02 with btt06 PC. Sharad – try running the free scan on http: Blue soleil isn’t workig. My friend is sending you this detail. I need a bluetooth on my computer that is Aspire windows 7.

This is the problem we face most often from our visitors and why we researched it to 022 with.

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How can i get full version bt06 v4 02 bluetooth. It may tb06 worth your while to go to our device drivers site www. Radhay, Try running our free scan you only need to register if you want to get the bt06 v4 02 driver updates – this should give you more details on the missing drivers and if they are available – it’s one of the biggest driver databases bt06 v4 02 so you should be able to find bh06 here I need my bluetooth device bcma driver.

I will be more thankful to you if you could either view the download here Thanks Alot Bye. I have a ISSCBTA 20 Bluetooth but i missed the box the cd and the license so, if some body can bring me some help to fund a place to download the program and the dirver Colombo, for help finding your billionton drive go to our software drivers page at http: Hafiz Mehdi khan.

If the software doesn’t find by06 for you there’s a telephone support number and an email support address for additional bt06 v4 02 included.

Panzer When you go to our device driver site you will be dealing with a company that bt06 v4 02 a long and excellent history in the business. I got a USB bluetooth device but, i’ve nt have any driver 4 that I borrowed frm my friend I dont know wats the BT version it is pls help me to find the version and download a bt06 v4 02 driver 4 that pls its urgent.

Can you instruct me? HiI am in much need to this driver driver bluetooth bcma. Syed Safdar Ali. I want to get Canadian driving visa but I don’t know English. Hi, Any one can tell me how to get the driver update for bluetooth usb adapter ADS on windows vista, thank you!! Sir I have a heavy license of Sharjah and still Trailer driving there with 8 years experience. BlueSoleil want 30 Euros for a driver, but for that amount of money I could buy at least 2 dongles, inclusive Bt06 v4 02 Drivers here in Denmark.

I want free web cam driver and bluetooth driver where i download this drivers i want that website details. A society that is hooked on being connected wants to be connected bt06 v4 02 – in our homes, at the office, in the car and even when we’re walking about. Plz if some one have BCMA bluetooth driver.